Saturday, April 19, 2008

Various Rodent Pictures.

Someone asked me "Where do you find ALL these pictures of rodents" Well... I said "Unfortunately i can't reveal my many sources for that would take away the uniqueness of 'Wonderful World of Rodents". He he he. But, looking for all these photo's (for all of my 3 animal blogs) could easily be an 8 hour job but, it's a labor of love job that's for sure. I enjoy every moment of it and i hope that the pay off is that you all enjoy 'Wonderful World of Rodents' and my other blogs. -Rebecca

Do me a favor... let me know which of these photo's you like the best. I'd really appreciate it :)

Smart Mouse

To cute. I had a Mouse once that looked just like this cutie.

'Friendly' The Chipmunk- Pics removed


'Friendly' the chipmunk photo's have been removed sadly because i received an e mail from the guy who took the photo's that he wants them down. While he was nice about it i think it is kinda sad. If i were him I'd want the wonderful story to reach more people and with my blog it would have. I just think it's rather lame for him to want them removed.

I have tons of professionaly style photos of my rats that i took and i let people use them all the time. The Friendly the chipmunk story is so wonderful you just think that the owner of the pictures and the owner of the story would want more people to see it and for more people to enjoy it.

While i respect his choise i think it's kinda sad that he asked me to take the down but he is entitled to do this. Poor Friendly, now all the people who view my blog won't be able to enjoy the story. I will not put the link up to the story.


Guinea Pig Town

This is the Guinea Pig enclosure at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

I wish there was more info with the photo but there wasn't. I'd like to know if these were rescues or just an exhibit at the zoo. Anyone know?